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American River Brokerage Division

Customhouse Brokerage Services

     Originally called the Alston group before the merger in 1999, American River Brokerage now specializes in handling the import needs for all US based corporations, whether foreign or domestic owned.
     Some of the critical import services include:

  • Overseas Consolidations
  • Import Supply Chain Management
  • Foreign pickup and warehousing
  • Customs Clearance
  • Bonded facilities
  • Expedited and "wheels-up" services
  • Drawback
  • Pre-compliance Audits
  • HTSUS Determinations
  • Invoice & Valuation Criteria
  • Establishing Import SOP's
  • Transfer Pricing Management
  • In-house Training & Education

     American River has over 40 years experience on its management team of import brokerage expertise and integration with US Customs.

     With corporate offices in Elizabeth, NJ and remote filing capabilities in all gateway centers… providing… 24-hour 7-day 365-day… service capabilities.

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